Nigerian Sea and Air Freight

We’ll get your goods to Nigeria quickly and safely. It’s stressful enough making sure you’ve remembered to include all the items on the shopping lists without having to worry about customs clearance and border controls, so let us handle all of that for you.

Our professional agents have years of experience in getting our customer’s prized possessions to their intended destinations. Whether you need to use our speedy Air Freight service, or our more affordable Sea Freight packages for when time isn’t a factor, we’re here to help.

Air Freight

 We make weekly airfreight trips to Nigeria so you’ll never be left waiting.

If you’ve got urgent equipment to send to Nigeria, or even if it’s an all important birthday or anniversary gift, our air freight trips are fast and affordable. We’ll sprint your goods through customs, handle all the checks on the other side so you don’t have to.

Delivery Time

5-10 days

Sea Freight

When you need to send bulkier items such as cars, furniture, household goods and you’re not working to a tight schedule, then our sea freight service is exactly what you need.

Cheaper than our air freight service, we offer a number of options for you to choose from on our monthly sailings from the UK to Nigeria.

Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) / Groupage

You don’t need to fill an entire container before you can send your goods to Nigeria by sea. We’ll clearly label your items, package them safely and issue you with the appropriate documents for transport and easy retrieval on the other side. You can ship a few Ghana-must-go bags and a washing machine, or some flat packed furniture from Ikea and John Lewis, a flat screen TV and a moped. Whatever your desired combination, we can help.

Full Container Load

If you want/need a container for your sole use, get in touch and we can arrange to have the perfect sized container ready for you. Whether it’s because you’re relocating homes, transporting large pieces of equipment or have a number of vehicles to transport, our 20ft or 40ft containers will fit just right.

Delivery Time

4-6 weeks from the sailing date

Vehicle Shipping

Not only can we help you ship your vehicle to Nigeria, we’re here to make sure you do it as efficiently as possible. We’ll guide you throughout the entire process if you need us to, ensuring you comply with all legal requirements and get the most for your money.

Sports cars, small cars, vans and trucks can all be safely shipped to Nigeria. If you have trailers, personal items, as well as spare parts being sent with/inside your vehicle, we’ll guide you in making sure they are stuffed/lashed/stowed/stacked and otherwise appropriately secured.

Let us know if you have anything hazardous or environmentally prohibited to ship so that we can handle your goods accordingly. If you don’t inform us, you run the risk of your goods and your vehicle being rejected.

Delivery Time

4-6 weeks from shipping date


Our prices can include a Handling Fee to cover the issuing of transport documents, customs clearance and all other administrative costs if you need this service from us.

Fill out the below and let us know how we can best assist you in shipping your car to Nigeria.

Todays Date.
See this article for help locating yours : (Locate my chassis Number)
See your vehicles operating manual.
(If Any)
(If Any)

Hazardous Cargo

Let us know if you intend to transport any hazardous cargo so we can arrange for the appropriate paperwork to comprehensively protect you and your goods.

Choose your Package

Once you know what you’re sending and whether you’d like to send it by sea freight or air freight to Nigeria, you just need to let us know how hands on you’d like us to be. Choose between our Door to Door, Office to Door, Office to Port, or office to office packages. Click here to see a complete list of our latest prices.

 Door to Door

Want to relax and let us do all the hard work? Book our Door to Door package and one of our agents will collect your packages and deliver them to your nominated recipient’s address in Nigeria. We’ll keep you updated as your goods make their way through border controls and the like, so you never lose your peace of mind.

Door to Office

Arrange for one of our dedicated agents to collect goods from you and have them delivered to our offices conveniently located in Lagos. Unfortunately, as we don’t have storage space, whoever you choose to collect your items will need to do so immediately.

Office to Port

Drop your goods off at our Hemel Hempstead offices and we’ll make sure they get to their destination airport or shipping port. One they’ve arrived, we’ll let you know and your chosen person can come and collect the goods.

Office to Office

We’re happy to play the middle man, if you’re happy to drop your goods off at our warehouse in the UK, arranging for them to be collected from our offices centrally located in Lagos. We’ll make sure they’re securely transported, and of course we’ll let you know as soon as they leave the country and land safely in Nigeria.